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Coronavirus casts doubt on several aspects of our daily lives including weddings..

What a beautiful day

This virus has hit the wedding industry. Couples around the world had to reschedule important days (several times) and completely cancel them. While photographers, planners, catering companies, and florists have staggering monthly incomes, others are still wondering if their next wedding can go according to plan within a year. 2021. I will. Wedding organizer Mark Nemelko is in the current wedding mood. “I am very well aware of the grief of married couples because they cannot make the wonderful days they have planned with big celebrations and hugs of their loved ones. It's the same with industry. No, the government doesn't support an infinite number of people. There are many freelancers and individual companies in our industry.

After Prime Minister Rishi Sunak proposed various financial measures to support the UK economy during the March pandemic, some joint ventures were able to provide their clients with a place to fulfill their financial obligations. “This is a difficult time for all of us in most industries,” wedding photographer Oliver Holder told us at the start of the pandemic. “Fortunately, the wedding industry is one of the most dynamic. We need to be together and calm. On Monday February 22nd, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the new quarantine roadmap would be gradually weakened. Arrival at the end of March. Most UK residents will have a "day off" after June 21 to restrict marriage. I believe this day is coming. to the end, but it looks like it will become a reality, which will have to wait a little longer.

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