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Gemma and Phil. Didsbury Wedding.

What a beautiful day

The latest data from Hitchde's Achievement Target Plan shows that 69% of couples who postponed their wedding plans for 2020 got married between April and August this year, and about 40% of UK couples got married in 2020. We had to cut our wedding plans for this year too “. There will be a reception in the future. Leading Wedding Designer and Organizer Alice Wilkes encourages newlyweds to view their next wedding as a 'start' and not as a plan B. Whatever you choose, a micro wedding is a great opportunity to make your day special and unforgettable. " "Expect an idea to throw a party later on the wedding."

If you're looking to host a small wedding this summer, Wilkes offers more design details as you don't have to take care of over 100 guests. Add custom cutlery and spice up your wedding with custom designs like embroidered napkins, custom cutlery, and an illustrated menu. A small room gives you more design freedom for free, ”he says. Personalized fortune cookies with engraved hats with guest nicknames, hand-drawn maracas or special markings. "Why don't you send it to guests who can't come due to restrictions?"

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