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It's been a very strange time, hasn't it. Weddings put on hold. And in some cases, looming difficulties in surviving, for wedding suppliers.

Many are counting the days until June 21, when the UK will lift restrictions on isolation and the fourth phase of lifting "all legal restrictions on social contacts" will begin. This has been pushed back to July 19th. But Johnson made an exception at the wedding, and we couldn't be sure anymore. According to the site. Celebrate change.

For events held in places such as private homes or private gardens, "the organizers must make the space as safe as possible." “A tent or other structure in a private garden must occupy at least 50% of the area. Walled areas are always classified as "open" and are limited in their safety of use. If there are more than 30 people in your chosen outdoor space or location, here's how to do it. Conduct a Covid-19 risk assessment to determine how many visitors you can attend, determine how many visitors you can join, and use this guide to make your event as safe as possible. ... The information below explains what a risk assessment is and how it is done. For your safety, there are some restrictions on the ceremony and reception. This includes three-tiered table setting requirements, face closure, social distancing, dancing (other than the first dance), and singing restrictions. 6 people. Those who work at the event are exempt from restrictions.

It should only be used in exceptional circumstances. For example, one of your spouses may enter an emergency marriage that is not expected to cure a serious medical condition, or you may undergo debilitating treatment or surgery to change it. Check life, consciousness. "Weddings and Covid-19 civic initiatives should only take place in safe or open public spaces, except in exceptional circumstances." There is a border against this, and in July, away from our government, we can hold ceremonies for up to 30 people. From July to September 2020, 30 people, including spouses, photographers and witnesses, can join the service at a socially acceptable distance. Songs supporting the recording are banned "due to the increased risk of contamination from aerosols and water droplets." They also had to wash their hands before the couple changed their rings. “Mandatory cleaning / bathing rituals should not be performed on site, but must be performed prior to arrival,” he added.

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