10 Tips on the Latest Wedding Rules

Mark Stapleton


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Now, any number of guests can be invited to a wedding or reception held outdoors or in a Covid-safe public place. However, venues must comply with social distancing rules, which will limit the number of people they can accommodate. service. In addition, dancing and singing are still restricted. Unless exempted, all people 11 years of age and older who do not eat or drink must wear a mask indoors. This includes event staff, but does not include partners or hosts. If you are hosting a wedding in a private outdoor environment (such as a garden), you must complete a risk assessment to determine how many guests you can safely receive. The tent or other structure in the private garden must be at least half the size of your space. The walled area is open at any time and is classified as "open air". Weddings in private residences can only be held in the presence of six people or two families. If one of the married people is seriously ill, there is an exception, in this case 30 people can participate.

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