Affordable Lancashire Wedding Photographers

This Lancashire Wedding Photographer travels...

All throughout Lancashire wedding photographers run into 1000's

Which makes choosing your wedding photographer quite a difficult decision.

Based in Manchester, this Lancashire wedding photographer has covered weddings throughout Lancashire and my wedding photography career started when I lived near Blackburn. I have been fortunate enough to capture weddings in The Forest of Bowland, Ramsbottom, Chorley, and as far away as Peterborough, Jersey and The Isle of Man. Although I consider myself as talented as most other wedding photographers with 20 years as a wedding photographer myself, I always save my clients money and often a lot of it.

As a wedding photographer I consider myself very fortunate to be your choice of photographer and even at just £750 for your day, I earn quite well and do not like over-priced greed. It's rampant in most industries and, in my opinion,  betrays the wrong motives.

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