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UK Wedding Photographers do travel

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UK Wedding Photographers do travel

The average cost for a wedding photographer in the UK from all of these sources was around the between £1350 and £1840 mark. “The latest data shows that the average price for wedding photography for 2020-2021 is around the £1540 mark. Slightly up from 2020. Generally, professional event photographers charge an hourly rate instead of a fixed price. This is because each event varies in length and labour requirements. The average hourly rate a photographer in the UK charges is then about £100

A little about Mark and my natural, easy for you, documentary style of wedding photography.

I've been a portrait and wedding photographer for over 15 years, professionally photographing weddings, events and portraits, for couples and families, every year since.

My photography approach is known as reportage wedding photography,  documentary wedding photography or wedding photojournalism, words that mostly wedding photographers in the profession use to describe the same photographic approach to capturing your wedding or important and special event in a relaxed, unobtrusive style and without the need for multiple, often tedious family group wedding photos and awkward poses.

My approach to creating wedding photography is unique - I don't place importance on photographic fads and recognise the value in timeless and natural pictures that tell an authentic wedding story. From the creation of the photographs through to the editing and processing applied to images during post-production.

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